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PosiTive Psychology

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It's a free, downloadable PDF containing five of the most relevant, science-based positive psychology tools in the world today.

Upon clicking the link, you will find the following tools:

  • Eye of the Hurricane Meditation (+ audio)

  • Dealing With Uncontrollable Circumstances

  • The Unwanted Guest

  • Window of Tolerance

  • My Resilience Plan (The Four S’s)

These are some of the best tools available in the world of Positive Psychology for helping people to:

  • use their mental resources well

  • connect to a place of inner peace

  • become aware of factors within and beyond personal control

  • practice acceptance-based coping

  • remain calm and composed in the face of stress

You can download and read this PDF (Links to an external site.) and find more ways to be of help to those you care about.

You may find something in it for your own peace of mind.

'The Unwanted Guest' tool, for example, has been of great help to me in dealing with intrusive 'unwanted' thoughts

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